Uses & Ideas

Let the Cleans-All Versatility of Handi Wipes Go to Work for You. Imagine a single cloth that lasts through 20 cleanups and washings. That means one Handi Wipe can manage all these household jobs…

Cleans Kitchen Counter

Wipe up kitchen spills and messes

Cleans Car Wheel

Wipe down auto interiors,
exteriors and tires

Cleans Computer Monitor

Wipe down computer and Tv screens

And many more uses…

  • 1. Shine bathroom counters
  • 2. Scrub pots and pans
  • 3. Clean windows and mirrors
  • 4. Clean up project messes and paint spills
  • 5. Clean oven interiors
  • 6. Dust painted and wood surfaces
  • 7. Polish doorknobs, handles, telephones and remote controls
  • 8. Buff small stainless steel appliances and silverware
  • 9. Clean off patio furniture
  • 10. Wipe up stovetop splashes
  • 11. Dust off shelves and window sills
  • 12. Polish kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures
  • 13. Wipe down wooden and vinyl blinds
  • 14. Clean up floor spills
  • 15. Wash off gardening tools
  • 16. Scrub down bicycles, golf clubs and sporting equipment
  • 17. Clean refrigerator and freezer shelves and drawers
  • 18. Wash dishes
  • 19. Wipe down bathroom tub, tile surfaces and shower doors.

Rinse. Reuse. Reduce. And Save!