Handi Wipes® is America’s #1 reusable, money-saving cleaning cloth.

Durable Handi Wipes® offer all the convenience and absorbency of single-use paper towels, but last 20 times longer. That means more trees for the environment and less waste going to landfills. And sheet for sheet, Handi Wipes® are a better value than paper towels. With reusable Handi Wipes® it’s easy to be green.*

Rise & Reuse 20 times!

*Comparison does not include energy and water consumption.

Handi Wipes Multi-Use

Use Handi Wipes® Multi-Use for versatile cleaning on surfaces all around your home.

Available in: 6, 36 and 72 count

Handi Wipes Heavy Duty

Use extra-strong Handi Wipes® Heavy Duty for the toughest jobs inside and outside your home.

Available in: 3 count

Rinse. Reuse. Reduce. And Save!